5 Simple Remedies to fix Sore Spots Created by Your Dentures

Denture pain is usually associated with raw, red gums or yeast infections in the mouth. It may also be due to an improperly fitting denture or a denture that is not worn properly on a regular basis.


Most denture pain is caused by bacteria being present in the mouth, on the denture, and against the roof of the mouth under where the denture is worn. When bacteria are not removed effectively and the denture is worn for an extended amount of time, thrush or yeast infections can develop.

Another cause of denture pain is not wearing the denture all day and removing it each night. Allowing your mouth to become accustomed to a new denture takes time. If the denture does not fit properly it may cause sores due to rubbing.

Signs and Symptoms

Denture pain is fairly straightforward, with specific symptoms associated with the condition. You may experience the following;

Red painful areas on the skin under your denture

White patches of yeast on the skin under your denture

Gums that appear to grow over your denture

Burning Tongue can also be a Symptom of Bacteria from Your Denture

How to Prevent Denture Pain

Properly cared for dentures should not cause pain or irritation when you wear them. The two common aspects that frequently cause denture pain can easily be prevented.

Cleaning your dentures every night as well as the roof of your mouth and any areas covered by your dentures will help to prevent pain from infections such as yeast, thrush or other irritations caused by bacteria. Dentures should be soaked overnight in water, a denture cleaner, or solution to loosen debris so that it can be brushed away in the morning. A clean denture as well as mouth with a healthy oral flora will prevent infections such as those associated with yeast. Be sure to use a 100% pure botanical toothpaste and mouthwash that will kill harmful bacteria and promote a healthy, balanced environment inside of your mouth. 

Irregular wear of your dentures such as not taking them out at night or not wearing them throughout the day can either lead to your mouth becoming irritated or not accustomed to the appliances. This can cause gum tissue to be irritated or even trigger bone loss. Proper denture wear that supports a healthy mouth will include wearing the appliance all day and removing it each night for soaking and oral hygiene. 

Professional Treatment

Traditional treatment for denture pain usually includes one of the following options:

New Dentures

If the dentures are causing pain in your mouth due to them being worn out or not fitting properly, you may need to have new dentures made. This can cost several hundred dollars.

Denture re-lining/Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive

Ill-fitting dentures that do not fit properly may need to be professionally re-lined in order to conform to your oral anatomy and prevent wear. Price is determined on lab fees.

Denture adjustment

Performed in the dental office, typically free of charge. The denture is ground down in areas that may be rubbing too hard against your gum tissues

Appropriate wear times
Dentures should never be worn overnight as this can cause oral tissues to become infected or cause excess bone wear due to stress from the denture. Not wearing the denture regularly throughout the day may also cause irritation due to your mouth not becoming accustomed to the denture properly.

Cleaning your denture thoroughly
if you have buildup of bacteria on your denture it means that bacteria are being placed directly in your mouth against your delicate tissues. Soak your denture each night in a denture cleaner or a water-based anti-microbial rinse, and then brush your denture thoroughly in the morning to remove all loosened bacteria deposits. Use a separate brush for your dentures than you do for any remaining teeth.

Cleaning your mouth thoroughly
Poor oral hygiene and heavy amounts of plaque or food debris in your mouth can cause fungal infections to develop under your denture. This causes the tissues to become red and raw. Not only should you clean your teeth and gums, but clean the roof of your mouth thoroughly and use an anti-bacteria mouth rinse such as one containing an essential oil to restore the mouth’s proper natural flora. (1) The best way to achieve this is to use a 100% pure botanical toothpaste/mouthwash combination along with a simple daily oral hygiene program.

Treatment for Sore Spots

If your dentures are causing pain from gum shrinkage, try using Comfort Lining thermoplastic denture adhesive. Comfort Lining acts as a band aide for your gums, securely bonding only to the denture, so you may place & remove your dentures as you wish. You can also add some Cora Caine to your gums, this product has lidocaine as its main ingredient to numb all painful gums and it's highly recommended by dentists!  With the use of an alcohol free mouth rinse and these two products listed here, your gums should be healed in no time! 

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