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20 Pack - Soft Reline Comfort Lining Thermoplastic

20 Pack - Soft Reline Comfort Lining Thermoplastic

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20 single tubes - Each Tube Comes out to $9 a Piece. Practical alternative option to denture adhesives. Comfort Lining works like a smooth cushioned liner for any brand or type of denture and the superior suction created from the thermoplastic works like a denture adhesive. So the denture wearer’s outcome will be a suitable denture cushion to protect the gums and palate at all times! In essence, the denture wearer is getting double protection, a secure denture liner and a denture adhesive all in one product!

How does this denture adhesive work?
When properly heated, the thermoplastic denture adhesive becomes pliable and slightly gummy; this helps the product to be able to adhere to the denture, after the thermoplastic denture adhesive has cooled for the limited amount of time, the pliable consistency turns into a firm less gummy cushioning layer for the denture palate and gums. Our thermoplastic denture adhesive will last up to a single week with one application, meaning you will have more time for other activities rather than wasting your money by always applying a denture adhesive.

Safe to use on any denture material.
A Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive will work on all types and materials of dentures and it’s completely safe; there will never be any priming or sanding the denture surface before applying this adhesive.

Gentle enough to use on the Very First day of Extractions.
Comfort Lining is safe enough to use on the very same day after extractions! This is very important for new denture wearers, as new denture wearers you have to keep the mouth clean, so the mouth and extraction sights can heal properly. Using a thermoplastic denture adhesive, keeps your mouth cleaner compared to other denture pastes/creams as you can simply remove the dentures and wash off your dentures in warm water or your favorite denture cleanser at any time! There is also no burning sensation with our product, this is also very important as a new wearer to dentures, as their gums are

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